We've included this section for two reasons:

  1. so that you can see exactly what SightSet does before you buy it
  2. to help you get the most out of SightSet

We've tried to make the two videos immediately below easy to digest. We wanted to give you a flavor of what SightSet can do without boring you half to death! 2

We hope that you enjoy them.

(To watch a video, click on the image. The video will appear in a new window.)

2 (That's what the Tutorial videos are for...)

SightSet: What's It For?

Sighting-In a Rifle With Shootility SightSet (The Basics In 3 minutes... & 12 seconds)


In this video, we cover the basics (hopefully, without inducing a coma...)

SightSet in Action

How To Sight-In a Rifle Scope or Sight... in 2 Shots! (A Practical Demonstration)


In this video, we use SightSet to sight-in (zero) a telescopic sight fitted to a Ruger 10/22. BUT, SightSet works just as well with diopter sights, some mechanical sights (e.g. AR15 / M16 / M4), full-bore rifles, air-rifles, pistols or air-pistols with adjustable sights...

Please, don't be put off by the fact that there are 8 videos. SightSet really isn't that hard to learn how to use. We've included these tutorials so if there is anything that you don't understand, or if there is a feature that you you don't find obvious to use, you can find it explained here.

The videos are divided into 3 sections:

To watch a video, click on the image. The video will appear in a new window.

Video 1: Introduction


This is a great place to start! In this video we give an overview of the various components of SightSet, and show how it all fits together. We visit each of the 5 screens that make up SightSet:

  • Favorites - used to create common combinations of sights, targets & ranges
  • Adjustment - where you plot your shots on a target & SightSet calculates adjustments
  • Sights - where you can add, delete or modify sights
  • Targets - where you can add your own custom targets or manage the ones we provide
  • Settings - where you can customise how SightSet works

For more detail on how to use each component, take a look at the detailed videos in the other sections.

The Core Tutorials cover the basics of what you need to know. In fact, if you only use the standard targets and sight definitions included in SightSet, the first tutorial is all you need to watch!

Core Tutorial 1: Adjusting Your Sights


In this tutorial we take a first look at adjusting your sights. In it we cover:

  • setting up a shooting scenario using a prefined target & sight
  • how to place & add shots to the target
  • how to review and edit shots
  • how to reset the target

SightSet is quick and easy to use. It's going to stop you making calculation errors, and that's going to save you wasting costly ammunition.

Core Tutorial 2: Using Favorites


In this tutorial we look at Favorites. This is an optional tutorial - you really don't need to use favorites if you don't want to. But we think that if you are a regular shooter, they are going to save you a ton of time.

Favorites provide a way of avoiding repeatedly having to set up a shooting scenario every time you change rifle, target or range. With favorites you just create all of the common combinations that you use. When you are shooting it's then just a simple process of tapping the favorite that you want to use, and then when you bring up the Adjustment screen everything is set up and ready to go.

Core Tutorial 3: Creating Your Own Targets


Even though SightSet ships with around 30 of the commonest targets used in target rifle shooting, there may well be times when it just doesn't have the one that you need. If that's the case, then this is the video for you. (If we've included everything that you need, then you can just skip this tutorial!)

Not all manufacturers or organisations publish the specifications for their targets. Equally, we haven't included any pistol targets, since most pistol shooters don't have adjustable sights. But, if you need a target that we don't include, then you're in luck. You can create it yourself.

There are, however, a few limitations:

  • your target can only be circular
  • we only support monochrome (black, white, gray)
  • no background images (sorry)

Core Tutorial 4: Adding Sights & Scopes


This tutorial covers how to add your own sights or scopes, or edit the predefined ones. Again, if we have your needs covered, you can just skip this video. But we would recommend that you take a look.

SightSet ships with 6 predefined sights/scopes with the commonest adjustment click values: 1/2" at 100 yards, 1/4" at 100 yards, 1/2 MOA, 1/4 MOA, 1.0cm at 100 meters, & 0.5cm at 100 meters.

We do, however, include an awful lot more click settings, so if you have a sight or scope that isn't covered you can add it here. Even if you only use a sight with one of the standard definitions, it can still be worth adding a custom sight, because it gives you an easy way of tagging the rifle that it's fitted to.

The Additional Tutorials cover some of the other features which, although not essential, can help you to get the most out of SightSet.

Target Management - Removing Clutter


SightSet ships with around 30 different targets. This can result in a lot of scrolling on a small screen to pick the target that you need. In this video we look at how to manage targets to make your life easier.

If you only shoot air rifles or small bore rifles, then the high power/full bore targets aren't going to be of much interest to you... and vice versa if you only use high power rifles. SightSet gives you a way to turn off categories of targets to keep them out of the away.

Even within a shooting category, there are targets that you probably don't use. So wouldn't it be handy to get them out of the way, so you can more easily pick the ones that you are interested in?

In this tutorial, we show you how.

Customising Sightset


This tutorial shows you how to customise SightSet, through the Settings screen.

Throughout the other tutorials we've glimpsed how to make changes to how SightSet works. This tutorial pulls all of that information together in one place: how to use the Settings screen. You can use Settings to:

  • turn warning messages on and off
  • set measurements to default to metric or US/imperial
  • turn off target categories that you don't use...

Sight Adjustment Using Shot Groups


What are shot groups? In the second video (Core Tutorial 1), we saw how SightSet averages your shots to give you an adjustment. But what happens if you want to make repeated adjustments, and compare how each one performed? Well, SightSet gives you the ability to store shots in groups.

With short groups, you can make adjustments iteratively and track the effect after each adjustment. This can be really useful in a number of circumstances, for example:

  • by recording shots in groups, you can see the effect of barrel warming
  • in competition shooting, you are typically only allowed a small number of sighting shots, so you probably want to make an adjustment after each shot
  • it's a really handy sanity check: if you've entered the adjustment details of your scope wrongly, it'll show up quickly using groups!